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Many people say that when your date start with a dinner and ends with breakfast, then it is the best dating experience a man can get. This statement clearly explains that men expect sex from their dating and they do everything to get that result from their date. Well, I can’t say if it is right or wrong to expect sex along with dating, but I have a simple tip that can increase the chances of sex in dating. The good thing about this tip it is not just a theory from an unknown people, but many scientist back this on the basis of various experiments.

According to scientist, red wine is a great stimulator for women and red wine can certainly increase the sexual desires in women. As far as relationship of dating and wine is concerned, it is not a new relationship and people have been sipping red wine on their date. May be they were well aware about the effects of this drink on women and their desire for sex. I can’t really say if people were aware about it or not, but I can say one thing that this drink stimulate the feeling of sex and if you consume it while dating, then you can end up having a perfect date with your female partner.

Scientist also explained how red wine stimulates the feelings of sex and how it can help people while they are dating. Man scientist believe that red wine improve the blood flow of your body in your key areas and this increased blood flow increase the feeling for sex as well. That means if you will consume red wine while dating with a beautiful and sexy woman, then it is possible that you can end up having sex with her on your date and you can get the desired pleasure with her.

Some people also have this opinion that consumption of red wine can affect your sexual ability, but scientists do not agree with that. Many scientist did research and experiment on this particular point as well and they found that consumption of red wine leaves no side effect of negative effect on the sexual capability of men or women. However, you need to understand that this is applicable only if this drink is consumed in moderate manner and if you will finish the entire bottle, and if you will keep doing it on daily basis, then it will certainly affect your health as well.

So, if you are still wondering how you can have sex while dating, then I would suggest you to use wine for that. But remember when you use it, make sure you know what the limit of its consumption is and you stop at right moment. Also, if you will get involved in sex without consent from your dating partner, then you might face some problem, so I would not recommend you to try this method unless you are sure that your female partner is willing to have sex with you.

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